AKLRD’s business model is led by a small group of executives accessing expert opinion to guide product development.

These advisors are recognised experts in their field and used extensively to guide AKLRD’s preclinical and clinical strategy.

Prof. Frank Bonner

Former Director of Science & Technology, Huntingdon Life Sciences. Former President of British Toxicology Society

John McCrerie

Former Technical Director of Becpharm Limited; Senior Manager and International QA Director Wellcome Glaxo

AKL4 (aka APPA) Collaborators:
Dr Andy Cross
University of Liverpool, Research Associate Musculoskeletal Biology
Professor Ian Clark
University of East Anglia, Musculoskeletal Biology

AKL1 (aka TAKL) Collaborators:
Dr. Kees Beukelman
University of Utrecht, Pharmaceutical Sciences
Professor Mike Thomas
University of Southampton, Primary Care Research