Prestigious grant recognising APPA’s game-changing potential

AKL Research & Development’s pioneering approach to tackling OA has secured a prestigious grant of £675,000 ($900,000) from Innovate UK, which is part of the Government’s UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) organisation, to contribute to the development of APPA in its Phase 2 trial. This is expected to begin later this year following anticipated favourable results of the Phase 1 trial currently underway at the University of Liverpool, which is expected to end this summer.

Innovate UK funding competitions are renowned for being ultra-competitive, only awarding them to innovations it believes are clearly game-changing and disruptive. One of its independent expert assessors who awarded the grant to AKLRD called APPA an “exciting proposal with large potential” and another described AKLRD’s work as an “exciting area of research in a disease with a high prevalence and major debilitation in many sufferers”.

Results from animal studies have already shown that APPA relieves pain, improves joint movement and slows cartilage destruction. No drugs have yet been licensed for human use that slow cartilage destruction in OA.

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