MHRA Approval for Formal Human Trials to Start

AKLRD Ltd and The University of Liverpool, as Sponosr of APPA's clinical program, has received clinical trial authorisation (CTA) to commence a phase I clinical trial to test AKLRD’s lead clinical candidate, APPA, as a potential new treatment for osteoarthritis. In addition, the trial has been approved for NIHR support. David Sharples, Chief Executive Officer at ALKRD Ltd, said 'This is a huge milestone for AKLRD and our shareholders.  We are now gearing up to commence human trails.' The clinical trial is being conducted at the Liverpool Clinical Trials Unit (LCTU) led by rheumatolog...
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Under-exploited plants offer untold medical and economic promise

A recent article in Nature by Ameenah Gurib Fakim, President of Mauritius and former Professor of Organic Chemistry, about the abundance of commercially available drugs that have their origins in plants. "Artemisinin, ginkgolides, quinine, reserpine, scopolamine, paclitaxel. What do these molecules have in common? They are all extracted from plants and transformed into useful drugs, treating conditions including malaria, nausea, cancer and high blood pressure. Almost 60% of commercially available drugs are based on molecules derived from natural sources. China and India have dedicat...
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AKLRD and APPA in the Press

Recently there have been various press reports on AKLRD's collaboration with Liverpool University on the clinical development of APPA. There has been coverage in both industry and mainstream press with Prof Rob Moots and Prof Steven Edwards being quoted extensively.     Pharma Times: Liverpool Uni leads clinical trial of promising osteoarthritis drug Drug Development Technology: Liverpool and AKLRD collaborate to evaluate APPA for osteoarthritis Daily Express: New treatment hailed as a 'new dawn' for arthritis sufferers Daily Mail: From Peonies to ease arthritic knee...
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Liverpool University Press Release

Clinical trial for new innovative Osteoarthritis drug The University of Liverpool, in partnership with AKL Research and Development Ltd, is to lead on a clinical trial to test a potential new drug treatment for osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis (OA) is the most common type of arthritis in the UK, affecting more than eight million people*, and is the leading cause of joint pain and stiffness in older people. As part of their research and development programme, AKL identifies promising phytochemicals, found in natural products, which are capable of being synthesized. Trials have identif...
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