AKL1 (TAKL) COPD & Asthma

AKL1 (aka TAKL) is a nutraceutical developed as adjunctive support for obstructive airways disease (asthma & COPD).

It is a patented formulation with granted patents in USA, Australia, Canada and New Zealand.

AKL1 (aka TAKL) has demonstrated benefits in symptomatic asthma and COPD patients uncontrolled on standard care medication.

Used as adjunctive support, AKL1 has demonstrated:

  • Significant improvements in quality of life in St George‚Äôs Respiratory Questionnaire (Phase II: University of East Anglia / Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital).
  • Trends to clinical improvements in Asthma Cough Questionnaire, Asthma Quality of Life Questionnaire, Leicester Cough Questionnaire, (DDX Trial, Aberdeen University).

Has been shown to:

  • Reduce breathlessness and cough.
  • Reduce frequency of exacerbations.
  • Reduce dependence on bronchodilators.
  • Allow reduction in ICS dose.