AKL4 [APPA] Osteoarthritis

APPA is covered by 37 patents granted in all of the major markets (UK/NZ/Australia, EU, USA and Japan) and pending (India) covering composition of matter and/or medical use until 2029 (USA).

We continue to look for ways to bolster and extend Intellectual Property.

Our lead clinical candidate is APPA, a combination of 2 synthetic molecules, demonstrating a low risk adverse event profile.

APPA has demonstrated significant analgesic and disease modification effects:

  • Repeated, significant pain relief and function improvement in a canine OA model; and in client owned dogs with naturally occurring OA, beyond that of the NSAID standard of care meloxicam
  • Disease modification (slowing of cartilage destruction) in the rat meniscal tear model
  • Anecdotal evidence of improved functionality and good tolerability in human named patient subjects