About APPA

APPA is an investigational NFkB and Nrf2 modulator, which harnesses the power of two secondary metabolites of plant origin in a fully synthetic oral therapy.

APPA is covered by patents granted in 37 major markets (including USA, EU, UK, Japan, Australia, NZ and India) covering composition of matter and/or medical use.

An improved formulation patent filed Q4 2017. We continue to look for ways to bolster and extend Intellectual Property.

Our lead clinical candidate is APPA, a synergistic combination of two synthetic secondary metabolites of plant origin, demonstrating a low risk adverse event profile.

APPA is unique as it directly affects inflammation at its source by regulating intercellular signalling molecules, NFkB and Nrf2.

APPA regulates rather than blocking the immune response, allowing the body to protect itself without malfunctioning.

APPA has demonstrated in-vivo repeated and significant: pain relief, function improvement and disease modification.

Clinical trials are currently underway at Liverpool University’s Clinical Trials Unit.