About APPA

APPA is an investigational NFkB and Nrf2 modulator, which harnesses the power of two secondary metabolites in a fully synthetic oral therapy.

APPA regulates rather than blocking the immune response, whilst maintaining host defences.

APPA is covered by granted patent in 37 major markets (including USA, EU, UK, Japan, Australia, NZ and India) covering composition of matter and/or medical use.

An improved formulation patent filed Q4 2017. We continue to look for ways to bolster and extend Intellectual Property.

NFkB and Nrf2 are intracellular signaling molecules that control/moderate gene expression and are involved in response to inflammation and cellular stress.

APPA is a patented fixed combination of two synthetically produced, synergistic, secondary metabolites of plant origin which exerts its anti-inflammatory effect through modulation of NFkB and Nrf2 pathways. Related to innate immune responses, APPA inhibits the formation of neutrophil extracellular traps (NETs).

In animal testing APPA has demonstrated repeated and significant pain relief from OA, improved functionality and slowing of cartilage destruction, something which no approved drug has demonstrated.

Currently in Phase I, early assessment of disease modification will be made at Phase II.