AKL4 (APPA) Data

AKL4 (aka APPA) is a patented, synergistic combination of two synthetic secondary metabolites of plant origin, demonstrating a low risk adverse event profile.

APPA has demonstrated repeated and significant: pain relief, function improvement and disease modification.

Canine Trials

Client owned dogs diagnosed with established naturally occurring OA

  • 32 Canine OA patients – 11 week study: significant pain relief
  • 80 Canine patients – 5 week study: significant benefits over standard of care Meloxicam

Rat Meniscal Tear Studies

  • Gold standard model
  • Significant disease modification
  • Significant pain relief

Anecdotal Experience

  • Refractory human subjects
  • Reduced pain and no reported adverse events
  • Patient reported improvement in QoL