APPA is a patented, synergistic combination of two synthetic secondary metabolites of plant origin, demonstrating a low risk adverse event profile.

APPA is unique as it directly affects inflammation at its source by regulating intercellular signalling molecules, NFkB and Nrf2. APPA regulates rather than blocking the immune response, allowing the body to protect itself without malfunctioning.

APPA has demonstrated in-vivo repeated and significant: pain relief, function improvement and disease modification.

Clinical trials are currently underway at Liverpool University’s Clinical Trials Unit.

Canine Trials

Client owned dogs diagnosed with established naturally occurring OA

  • 32 Canine OA patients – 11 week study: significant pain relief
  • 60 Canine patients – 5 week study: significant benefits over standard of care Meloxicam

Rat Meniscal Tear Studies

  • Gold standard model
  • Significant disease modification
  • Significant pain relief

Anecdotal Experience

  • Refractory human subjects
  • Reduced pain and no reported adverse events
  • Patient reported improvement in QoL